Church Religious Freedom of Speech and The Corporation Sole


To help raise up the next generation of Righteous Christian Leaders, to FREE the Church from restrictive 501c3 laws and to bring religious freedom of speech BACK to the Body of Christ!


Beside the restrictive law of 501c3 itself (which prohibits your entire ministry from influencing ANY public policy), nearly 32+ States in the last few years alone have just passed, “Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Laws”. These laws are well intentioned fronts that claim to protect the rights of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered and Questioning) individuals against incorporated entities (which includes incorporated Churches) from discriminating against them (like refusing business and etc). Instead, these laws pose a DIRE RISK to the integrity of the Church and to the fundamental principles and teachings of Jesus Christ taught by Christian Leaders everywhere.

How is this possible? Let me explain, recently Arizona Governor Jan Brewer made national headlines when she vetoed SB 1062 (aka The Religious Freedom Act) that was introduced by the Alliance Defending Freedom. This law was meant to legally shield ALL Arizona State incorporated Churches and religious business owners from hate crimes litigation stemming from current ‘Gender Identity’ Laws. Instead of being legally shielded as we ought to be, the enemy legally defeated the Church on two fronts:

#1: 501c3 Laws made it IMPOSSIBLE for the Church to influence public policy or lobby Governor Brewer to pass this law. If they did, the IRS would step in a revocate that Churches ENTIRE 501c3 tax exempt status and impose excise taxes because the Church in question trying to lobby Gov. Brewer would have, “attempted to influence the outcome of political legislation”.

#2: It opens the door for Churches and ministry leaders to lose their state tax exemption status, be sued, fined and potentially imprisoned for violations due to gender laws. In fact, certain states have recently tried introducing legislation (like California Democratic State Senator Ricardo Lara’s SB 323) that would legally FORCE 501c3 Churches (which account for 95% of all organized Churches in California) to both officiate an LGBT marriage and change their membership acceptance rules or be faced with substantial legal fee’s, state fines and possible imprisonment!

Brothers and sisters, this is real, this is happening right now and every Ministry in America that does not have a Corporation Sole is at risk.


  • IT BRINGS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM OF SPEECH BACK TO THE CHURCH! With the use of our Church Affidavit, the internal office of the Corporation Sole lawfully separates the Church’s mandatory tax exempt status (which is mandatory under 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a)) so that the Church itself is no longer under the Jurisdiction of 501c3. Only the office of the Corporation Sole (which is the financial holdings entity that the Church owns) is under the law of 501c3. This leaves the Church to be able to freely speak on matter of great religious/governmental significance. If your Church wants to influence politics, if the Church itself wants to influence the congregation who to vote for or against any candidate running for political office, pass out political material or lobby congress it can now do so.
  • MANDATORY FILING EXEMPTION: Your Church/Ministry will be MANDATORILY EXEMPTED from filling annual returns to the IRS.
  • NO BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The typical requirement of any 501(c)(3) is that it needs to have at least 2-3 non blood-related board members (called trustees or board of directors) that have voting rights (to vote you out of your position). A Corporate Sole requires NO additional Trustee members.
  • NO BY-LAWS OR CORPORATE CHARTER: The Corporation Sole also lacks the usual disadvantages of a normal corporation. It does not require a board of directors, officers, stock, bylaws, official minutes, seal, or corporate name. In fact, the seal of the Corporation Sole is the literal signature of the Corporation Sole itself!
  • PROMISSORY NOTES: A Corporation Sole CAN issue Promissory Notes.
  • IT ACTS AS A NATURAL PERSON: A Corporation Sole CAN Act as a Natural Person in all business related transactions.
  • STATE TAX EXEMPTIONS: State exemptions can include many different things, including exemptions from sales tax, income tax, and property tax.
  • YOUR CHURCH CAN FINALLY INFLUENCE PUBLIC POLICY: A true FREE Church/Ministry that has organized it’s finances with a Corporation Sole CAN allow your Church to Influence Politics and Legislation. (unlike other 501c3 religiously incorporated Churches).
  • YOUR CHRUCH CAN NOW FINALLY INFLUENCE POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS: A Church/Ministry that has organized it’s finances with a Corporation Sole CAN participate and intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements) any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office (so long as the office of the Corporation Sole does not).
  • YOUR CHURCH CAN NOW ISSUE POLITICAL PROPAGANDA: It CAN substantially allow your Church (not it’s 501c3 Corporation Sole) to issue political propaganda.
  • NO THIRD PARTY CHURCH TREASURER: It Requires NO Church Treasurer (the Corporation Sole is now solely in charge of the Church finances) which means as a Pastor, you do NOT need to go through an appropriations committee.
  • TITLE TO PROPERTY: Other Advantages of a Corporation Sole, it can claim title to real property. This is especially great for possible State Property Tax Exemptions.
  • CLEAR LINE OF SUCCESSION: Property and powers of a corporation sole are transferred on the death of an incumbent to successors in the office, “not to heirs or through executors”. This is especially nice for married couples that would like their spouse to continue leading the ministry.
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE AN ATTORNEY: A Corporate Sole can Sue and be sued, and defend, in all courts, and places, in all matters and proceedings wherever.
  • Bonus: you CAN receive Tax Deductible donations through the Corporation Sole.


In the last two years, the Lord has prophetically shown us that a simultaneous time of great hardship and revival were soon coming upon us. God showed us a great time of hardship coming that would be economic in nature. That it was a time where God would separate his saints from the fakers. That there would be a great revival and outpouring of the Holyspirit (like there has never been before on Earth). And then, when the testimony from this revival covered the globe, that the next generation immediately thereafter would experience the Great Tribulation. He also told me that time was of the essence and that we needed to raise up as many Righteous men and women as we could. That this next generation of Leaders for the Body of Christ would be the ones to help usher in this new Great Revival. This means, if God led you to our site, then YOU are one of those potential leaders that will help bring forth this Great Revival! (Praise Jesus!)

Because time is of the essence, we have been prompted by the Holyspirit to make our entire website and services available to the Elect for NO COST (however, donations and/or volunteer work to show your appreciation are always welcome).

The qualities of the Men and Women of God we’re looking to help are found in 1st Timothy 3:1-13. If you fit that description and would like our complete support for helping you establish or reorganize your Church/Ministry, then please get started by clicking the button below:

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Upon approval of your application, we will provide you a digital copy of our $200 Corporation Sole book at no expense, a full editable version of our custom Statutory Declaration of Church Establishment Affidavit (which will allow you to lawfully establish your 26 USC 508(c)(1)(a) Church), A copy of the Oregon Articles of Incorporation, Important Instructions for completely setting up BOTH your Church and its subsequent Corporation Sole, your Corporation Sole’s Federal Tax Exemption number (EIN number), training for how to set up your bank accounts (and subsequent PayPal accounts to accept online donations), 24/7 support and we’ll even freely act as your Oregon based registered agent! This would normally cost a Church between $1,500 and $8,000 to do on their own. All we ask, is if your ministry can benefit from our support or has been touched by us in any way, then please freely donate and or volunteer your gifts and talents to help us further our vision of raising up this next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ and bringing forth religious freedom of speech BACK to the Church where it belongs!

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Joshua and his wife Mandy have been in ministry for 13 years. Years ago they both founded The Empowerment Center Church here in Sun River, Oregon with the vision of FREEING The Church from todays restrictive 501c3 laws and helping to RAISE UP the next generation of leaders for the Body of Christ. As of 2014, Joshua has helped teach over 13,000+ Pastors, he has personally helped establish over 625 Churches here in North America and he also enjoys the distinction of having written & published the first book in American history related to the Corporation Sole and modern day tax law. Joshua also enjoys being able to preach daily to The Empowerment Center's 24,000+ fans and listeners on Facebook. When he is not ministering to Pastors, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and his awesome three Children (Jacob Alexander, Justin David and Faith Victoria).
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